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New Stage: City Trial


Name: City Trial

Universe: Kirby

Game of origin: Kirby’s Air Ride

Probability of inclusion: Low

City Trial is one of three game modes in Kirby’s Air Ride. In this mode, up to four players can explore a small city and collect power-ups to upgrade your Air Ride machines for the end-of-game minigame. The players are also able to collect pieces of the legendary Air Ride machines: The Hydra, and the Dragoon (the latter of which was included in Brawl as an item). The city is mostly devoid of life, except for the occasional events that occur once or twice every game. The events can range from chasing down TAC the thief, to trying to spot the difference between fake power-ups and real ones, to battling Dyna Blade. This stage will incorporate the Events into the level design.

The battle area will be located at the center of the city, on the south side of the tall buildings, above the underground “parking garage”. The stage itself will have two parts, the underground, and the aboveground. The underground will be accessible via means of ramps that lead from the surface on both sides of the stage, and a hole in the ground in the center of the stage. The only way to KO an opponent in the underground will be to launch them off-screen through the ramps or the middle of the stage. Aboveground is completely open air, so a fighter can be ringed out in any direction. (except for down, of course) The camera will be positioned so you can see the underground and the aboveground at all times.

The Events from the original game will be what makes this stage unique. There are three events that I’ve decided to include. The first event is the Meteor Storm, and there are three ways that this could work. 1) The sky turns red to warn of the approaching meteors. The gateways to the underground completely seal off, so that anyone who is underground is safe from the meteors. Three large meteors come hurdling down toward the stage. Once one collides, it explodes. The meteors will be able to damage a player by landing on them, catching them on fire, or the impact from the explosion. Once the explosion triggers, another large meteor comes flying toward the stage. (And when I say large, I mean that they cover 1/3 to 1/2 of the stage) They move very quickly, so you have a small chance of dodging them, but, I guess they could cast a red shadow wherever they would fall. 2) All that stuff from before happens, but instead of the gates sealing shut, they stay open. And instead of the meteor exploding, it actually pierces through the ground, crushing and dealing massive damage to anyone who touches it. This way, even the people underground would not be completely safe. 3) There a many small meteors, as opposed to a few large ones. These move quickly, and deal impact and fire damage to anyone they hit. They break on impact, and can really only damage someone underground if they fly though the hole in the center of the stage. The next event is the attack of Dyna Blade. I forget if Dyna Blade has any ranged attacks, since it’s been a long time since I’ve played Super Star or Air Ride, but if she does, she will be able to land on the buildings in the background and launch her attacks from there. If not, she just lands on the ground behind the stage and attacks players on the aboveground. Eventually, she will fly away, but I guess she can also be attacked by the players to make her leave sooner. The third event that takes place is the Lighthouse event. In the original game, the light house would restore the HP of the Air Ride machines, should they be damaged. The lighthouse will work similarly, but it will not be pictured onscreen, since you wouldn’t be able to see it from this camera angle. The sky will darken and the lighthouse will shine its spotlight on the battle area, sweeping from side to side. Anyone who is in the light will have their damage percentage taken down, at a rate close to 2% per second. Also, it would be cool to have little notices pop up on the screen that warned the fighters of oncoming danger, similar to the news posts from the original City Trial.


Musical selections for this stage are as follows:

City Trial (Kirby’s Air Ride)

City Trial Backside (Kirby’s Air Ride)

Dyna Blade (Kirby’s Air Ride)

I would not be surprised to see Checker Knights (Kirby’s Air Ride) or The Legendary Air Ride Machine (Kirby’s Air Ride) make a return

Machine Passage (Kirby’s Air Ride)

Top Ride (Grass) (Kirby’s Air Ride)

Sky Sands (Kirby’s Air Ride)

And as a special mention, I’d like to nominate my favorite Kirby song, the Kirby Super Star boss battle theme, which is the heroic sounding music featured at the end of this amazing piece.

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