Brooks talks about Smash Bros.
New Stage: Toad Town.

 Name: Toad Town

Universe: Mario 

Game of origin: Paper Mario

Probability of inclusion: Moderate if Paper Mario is included, very low if not

Toad Town is the hub for Paper Mario, it even has a warp pipe to Mario and Luigi’s house. You begin Paper Mario here, and then trek back to after fighting (and losing to) Bowser, as well as after completing every chapter in the game. 

For this stage, I picture the fights taking place in the area pictured in the first image, angled so you can see buildings from the area in the second image in the background. Specifically, you could see the Fortune Teller’s house (Labeled F in the second image) peeking up from behind the dojo/item shop (labeled B). Also, the Post Office, Toad House, Garden, and Rowlf’s Badge Shop would be visible in the background as well. And finally, Princess Peach’s castle would occupy the farthest part of the background, and maybe even have Shooting Star Summit visible as well, but that seems like a lot of detail for just a simple background. This area is very flat, but one option would be to allow players to stand on top of structures like the item shop or the town gate. Also, as a hazard, I’d like to see the Li’l Oinks (a timid species of pig that hatches from eggs in the southern part of Toad Town) rampage through the town. In Paper Mario, the pigs are kept in a pen, and when Mario enters the pen, they all run away and leave an item behind. I’d like a herd of these piggies to plow across the battlefield and leave behind items in Smash Bros as well. 


Look at them, they’re adorable.

Musical selections for this level are as follows:

Normal Battle (Paper Mario)

Toad Town theme (Paper Mario)

Master Battle (Paper Mario)

Tubba Blubba’s theme (Paper Mario) (It was a tough choice between boss themes, so know what else would be cool? A medley of all of the boss themes from Paper Mario. I wish I could provide a link to that.)

Crystal King’s theme (Paper Mario) (Another boss theme that would stand alone well)

The Tower of the Sun (Paper Mario)

Shy Guy’s Toy Box (Paper Mario)

Main theme (Super Mario 3D Land)

Also, the songs I posted from Super Mario RPG in the Ghost House post might actually work better here.